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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I arrived at the Delhi airport around 6 am. I expected it to be a massive amount of people but it was actually quite calm. Everyone was very friendly and I had no problems with my bags, customs, etc. I did manage to find two British guys to tag along with while we navigated the huge airport. After the adrenaline of arriving wore off, the exhaustion set in. I had another 5 hours in the airport before my flight to udaipur. I didn't let myself fall asleep for fear of missing the plane or being mugged (I did feel very safe here, however.) Finally, the tiny (and I mean tiny) plane arrived to take me to my final destination: udaipur. After the hour flight I walked off the plane and the heat and humidity hit me. It was hot. I paid for a prepaid taxi as instructed - the other taxis are scams. Following the driver I saw the first street dog. He laid on his side panting heavily with bugs flying around. Tears filled my eyes (dramatic I know.) I had to resist every urge to go pet it. Reality was starting to set in. I piled myself and my bags into the back of the small car and we were off. This ride was probaby the most shocking experience of my life. We drove towards the city through what looked like slums, although in actuality they were probably much better off than actual slum dwellers. The roads themselves were a free for all of women and men walking and riding motor cycles, I was convinced we were going to hit someone or something.

Along the way I noticed a few white women. It was a comforting site in the middle of everything. I was surprised to see them wearing tank tops and shorts. I will probably try to dress more conservatively than that.

My taxi pulled up in front of the hotel I had selected. I chose it because it mentioned air conditioning and Internet access. Two essentials at that point but walking into the place I became worried. It wasn't what I had expected but it quickly grew on me. It is extremely clean and I have yet to see a mosquito. The owner brought me to the top of the three story rooftop restaurant and as I saw the view I nearly lost my breath. (Again, dramatic but true)It overlooks the city and the lake. You can see sunrise and sunset over the city. I went back to the room, turned on the much needed air conditioning and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I came back up to the roof to sit and write this. They offered me food and it smells delicious but I'm too nervous about eating the food here just yet. I had two authentic Indian meals on the plane and they were fantastic. I was hoping to catch a sunset up here but the overcast skies didn't allow for one but it is beautiful nonetheless. I can see why Udaipur is considered India's most romantic city. Whether I stay at is hotel or head to the panorama ( the original guest house I had planned on staying at) I am not sure. This hotel is in the middle of the city and street noise is very loud. There is also a temple across the street where loud music plays often.

I am hoping to go to the animal hospital tomorrow afternoon.

I'm having trouble uploading pictures to here from the iPad. Here is link for the hotel I am at now. http://hotels.lonelyplanet.com/india/udaipur-r2104726/udai-niwas-hotel-p1066362/ It is 9 pm and I am off to bed. Too bad my body thinks it's 11 am..

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